EUROCOVER Slovakia s.r.o.
Slovakia, Czech Republic, EÚ
  • Established: in 2004


The EUROCOVER Slovakia, s.r.o., was established in 2004 as the parent company of several subsidiaries operating in different market sectors. It successfully continues to do its management activities, grows with each year, and improves its management system, as well as specific business sectors.


We cooperate on an international level with various vendors and buyers, whereby the portfolio of our interests as well as business partners successfully continues to grow.

Our business activities include consulting in the field of world-wide import-export, accompanying and supporting services on the road, passenger transportation, operative leasing, leasing of vehicles, operation of motor racing teams and development activities.



We provide services of our company mainly throughout Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and after individual agreement also within the EU.

Conditions and prices of our services are agreed individually based on a contractual relationship with our partners.

What we offer


Purchase and import of vehicles from leasing auctions within the EU

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Operation of motor racing teams

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Consulting, counseling, and implementation of administrative part of development projects in SR, CR, HR and AT

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Consulting in the field of world-wide import-export

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Registered and express shipment of goods within the EU

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Accompanying services requiring special permits within the EU

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Passenger transportation

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Operative leasing

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