Registered and express shipments of goods within the EU

Express shipments represent a type of shipments with the fastest and most comfortable method of delivery, and also a guarantee of meeting the distribution deadline. Their shipment and receipt is confirmed. It is possible to insure them, deliver to own hands, send to an address, get information about their receipt, and track and trace the whole delivery progress on the Internet.

What should be sent in this way?

  • Important goods of commercial and non-commercial character.

  • Important correspondence.

  • Presents

Designed for:

  • Small trade licensees

  • Legal entities


  • Comfortable and fastest delivery of ordered goods

  • You can send goods or correspondence to anyone

  • You can send an express shipment anywhere in the EU

  • Door to door delivery

  • You have immediate information on the result of the delivery, multiple delivery attempts, and possibility to change the delivery address

  • Compensation for poor delivery service - greatest guarantees


  • Higher prices

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