Operative leasing is long-term, time restricted rental of vehicles for entrepreneurs and companies.

Our company provides its services of operative leasing to clients, who want to fully concentrate on their business.

Leasing includes also related services:

  • 24 hour assistance service

  • maintenance inspections

  • tire change

  • complete insurance

  • in case of an insurance event or breakdown, provision of a replacement vehicle, etc.

Its main advantage, in addition to reducing costs of the company, is also the fact that you don’t need to bother with the management and maintenance of the car part.

The main idea is the attitude of the client to maximum efficient of financial resources invested in operative leasing and savings. The advantage of comprehensive services offered as part of operative leasing is saving financial resources and improved efficiency of investments in car park. This lead to a decrease in calculated costs of the company.

Main advantages include:


    Your accounting will be optimized, plan of costs and transfer of risk to the lessor, decrease of taxes and fees, decrease of VAT


    Adjustment is possible for the duration of the contract based on the requirements of the user of vehicle(s), e.g. by changing the duration, mileage, etc. This option allows for adjustment to your budget for the vehicle. Operative leasing is a timeless solution saving time and money as well. Comprehensive care of car is transferred from the customer to the group of experts - professionals.


    Time is a very precious, uncompromising commodity. Therefore the priority for us is to provide you the possibility to fully concentrate on your business activities. In case of transferring competence, the responsibility for the operation of your car park is fully assumed by our company. We ensure for you formal and administrative procedures necessary in contact with authorities, insurance companies, tire companies, etc.


    New car is a pleasant reward for each ordinary person and an employee. Additionally it is motivation for the employee, in many cases, to improve efficiency of his or her performance. Furthermore the perfect condition of vehicles in operative leasing underscores the seriousness of your company, enhancing image, and last but not least, it improves your standards. Employees of your company can fully concentrate on their tasks. They have a complete service of vehicles at their disposal saving their own time.

We can help you find a solution,
which suits your needs.