Transportation escort

We provide escort of transportation of heavy and oversized loads in addition to activities provided by the police. We specialize in road and combined transportations. We provide and organize transportation throughout Europe.

Roads and highways of international truck transportation are used not only by trucks with standard trailers, but every now and then there are also specialized giants with cargo, which an average truck is not capable to transport.

A company that wants to deal with large cargo needs:

  • Excellent knowledge of local conditions

  • Not only of roads, but legislation as well

  • Must have experience and technical equipment

It is always a non-standard transportation. Consideration should be given also to ensuring safety of all participants of road transportation, not damage the road or road signs and other equipment next to the road (advertisement billboards, telecommunication and electrical cables, etc.).

Authorized institutions must approve designated road. Handling of all permits takes a couple of weeks. However the client requires it, we can also provide this type of road escort with the help of our partners.

We can help you find a solution,
which suits your needs.